Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Alabama Studio Weekend...Y'all Come!!

This image is the property of Alabama Studio Weekend Website.

Robert Rausch, a designer with whom I'm working on the Serenbe Project, wrote last night and gave me the information about Alabama Studio Weekend. Alabama Studio Weekend is the celebration, advancement, and preservation of Southern culture. This type of celebration is part of the Slow Movement which I talk about sometimes. The three major partners of Alabama Studio Weekend are Alabama Chanin, Billy Reid, and Gas Studio. This is gong to be a great weekend, so be sure and check out all of the links.
I've been re-calculating the number of leaves of each size to be installed on the iron "white oak" tree which is the Serenbe Project. I think I will be increasing the number of different leaves that we will be making so that the tree will look more realistic.

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