Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Business of Art

I have posted several times about the business side of art. This year, I have focused on the business side of art as it relates to web site development, revenue sources, business plans, etc.

In January of this year I attended a web summit entitled smARTist Telesummit. This was a web workshop that was organized by Ariane Goodwin and conducted on the web. It featured discussions led by experts on money, licensing, web design, marketing, taking care of yourself and many other valuable topics. smARTist Telesummit was very well organized and full of information.

Today, I was contacted by the staff of Ariane Goodwin and they requested permission to use one of my images in some of the follow-up marketing packages!!! Needless to say I was thrilled! I have Ariane Goodwin's book about writing an artist statement and it is an excellent resource. The book contains exercises that you do whereby you develop your own language for your artist statement. I have not finished the exercises, but I will be working on them and will post here when I'm done.

Tonight I have been working on a newsletter that will be sent to my mailing list. This is an email marketing program that I purchased from Go Daddy with "spam compliant" attributes. I'm excited to finally get this finished and I will be emailing that out later in the week. I feel like I accomplished something big today.

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driffe said...

Email marketing . . . and "staff" requesting permission to use one of your images?!! Wonderful.
Bravo, my BFF! BRAVO!