Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5, 2008, Cast Glass

Previously on my blog I showed how I formed the pieces of plastiscene to fill the crevices in the mold box. This first image shows the leaf in the mold box, which has been "dammed" and sprayed with PAM. I then mix the plaster with an electric drill and get ready to pour.

This picture shows the mold box after I have poured the investment into the box (covered the leaf with the plaster). If you look carefully you will see my respirator, which I use regularly.

Finally I use a level to shim the mold box to make sure that it will cure on a level platform.

This is the mold after the box is removed and the clay (plastiscene) leaf taken out. The clay was removed very easily. I anticipated some problem with this, but had none.

Today was spent doing a lot of paperwork. I am deciding what exhibitions for which to apply and this takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, here are some other photos of the cast leaves process. I have been taking a lot of photos to share. Until then.....

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