Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day on the Tennessee River

Each Memorial Day Weekend, Decatur Alabama sponsors a hot air balloon festival called the Alabama Jubilee. Decatur is located on the Tennessee River in North Alabama and is a beautiful place.

These pictures were taken during the 2007 balloon festival. The first one is taken with a very large cotton field in the foreground and the balloons are off in the distance.

The second and third picture was taken as we got closer and the last picture was taken from the Tennessee River Bridge and you can see two balloons that look like small dots. We were returning home from a trip to

the farm when these were taken. My friend Debra Riffe planned to go to the balloon festival this weekend. I hope the weather was great in North Alabama for the festival.
The quality of the pictures is not that good, but I think you can see how beautiful is, particularly when you see them riding the wind over the river.

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