Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Return to Blogger

ok, a while back I wrote about blogging for artists and said that I had opened a blogging account with Go Daddy because they offered podcasting. The short story is taht I have returned to Blogger. I returned for several reasons. The primary reason is because the Go Daddy templates are very "fixed" (you know we artist do not like to be tied down), and because it is a very s l o w blogging servie. I was very disappointed with the service. Some of my friends told me that they checked my blog for studio updates, but they did not have all year for the images to's time to go!

This is a lesson learned. Blogger probably will add the podcast feature later because they do offer a good product and the price is great!I plan to customize the template that I use on blogger, but until then....I will just blog.

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