Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ten Basic Steps for Making Cast Glass Leaves: Serenbe Installation: 59 days

I loaded ovens this evening. It took a while to get the glass loaded into the moulds. So, here is the process. I will post more pictures of the process in a future post, probably tomorrow.

  1. Make an original model or pattern
  2. Invest (pour) plaster into the mould (creates negative space in which to put glass)
  3. Remove the pattern material
  4. Dry the mould
  5. Apply kiln wash to the mould & cure
  6. Wash and dry the glass that will be used
  7. Determine how much glass it will take to fill the mould (on a future post)
  8. Weigh the glass
  9. Fill the mould
  10. Fire the kiln


Life's@theBeach said...

This process is quite involved. Is the 59 days the length of the total project time for you or is that just a time parameter for one step in the process?

Life's@theBeach said...
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Donna Branch said...

Thanks for your comment and interest! At the date of this post there were 59 days left until installation of the art project. The installation will take place at the corner of Selbourne Street near the Serenbe property offices.

Hope you come back and visit my blog soon. If you have any other questions, just give me a post.